Elegant 1 Carat Diamond Rings Online

Elegant 1 Carat Diamond Rings Online

Benefits OF Buying Engagement Rings
Online vs Brick & Mortar Stores

You Get Prices Closer To Cost

You can save 30%-70% compared to brick and mortar stores compared to brick and mortar stores.

You Get 100% Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction on your order. No questions asked free return policies for peace of mind

You Get Free Shipping

Secure international shipping available, even on returns. 

You Shop In 360°20xHD Views

Browse and endless inventory of 1 carat diamonds and ring settings to build the best custom engagement ring.

Benefits OF Buying Engagement Rings
Online vs Brick & Mortar Stores

You Get Prices Closer To Cost

You can save 30%-70% compared to brick and mortar stores compared to brick and mortar stores.

You Get Free Shipping

Secure international shipping available, even on returns. 

You Get 100% Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction on your order. No questions asked free return policies for peace of mind

You Shop In 360°20xHD Views

Browse and endless inventory of 1 carat diamonds and ring settings to build the best custom engagement ring.

3rd Party Certified Jewelry

All diamonds and rings are verified by these three world wide respected organizations.

International Gemological Institute


Gemological Institute Of America


1 carat diamond ring

American Gen Society


5 Vital Tips To Buying A
1 Carat Diamond Ring Online Properly

 You need Tip 1 to understand Tip 2

Tip 1: Use The 4 C’s Buyer’s Guide For Educated 1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping 

The 4 C’s Buyer’s Guide is a GIA diamond grading system that grades and prices diamonds according to 4 main characteristics. This is the first tip because you need to know this information before you are able to take advantage of Tip 2.

  • Carat- The weight of a diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams)
  • Cut- Measurement of diamond’s cut perfection and symmetry. 
  • Color- Measurement of the chemical purity of white diamonds and their colorlessness. Color grading is not the same as the grading of different color diamonds.
  • Clarity- Amount of visible blemished and carbon inclusions.  
  • Shape- Yes, I know “shape” is not a “C” but it is an important shopping factor. (see image below)

The most commonly known “C” is carat. Most amateur shoppers only pay attention to carat. But cutcolor, clarity also effect the cost of a diamond significantly. As a result, it is important to pay attention to the 4 C’s and diamond shape.

1 carat diamond ring - best custom engagement rings - diamond data-lazy-data-lazy-sizes -Diamond Shapes

1 Carat Diamond Ring Pricing And How To Shop For Loose Diamonds Using The 4 C’s

Take a look at the image below. These two loose diamonds are both 1.01 carats. But, check out at the price variance. They almost have a $16,000 difference! Even though they have the same carat grading.

1 carat diamond ring comparison
1 Carat Diamond Price Comparison 

This is because of the other 3C’s. When you compare these two diamonds together. You can clearly see that the more expensive diamond has a better color grading, an excellent/”ideal”cut grading,a higher clarity grading.  

Cut and color have a strong influence on a diamond’s price. Moreover, perfectly cut diamonds are very valuable because they shine with the most brilliance and fire. 

Furthermore, clarity has the least effect on diamond price because it has the smallest effect on the light performance of a diamond.If you want to get the price when shopping for diamonds you want to find a diamond that is balanced in its 4C’s grading. You can can still get a wonderful diamond even if it it does not have perfect 4C’s.

Tip 2: Utilize Diamond Shopping Tools For Fun And Smart Shopping

1 Carat Diamond Ring shopping has never been this good in any previous generation. You can easily browse diamonds organized by the 4 c’s grading. You can also filter the diamonds and rings by price, shape and ring style. Take a look at the images below. You will see  Blue Nile’s loose diamond filter tools. As you  can see the filter settings are organized by the 4 C’s and shape.

These tools are very powerful. There has not been such a powerful shopping experience in any other generation before. Furthermore, you can save money at these online jewelers because 

Try Blue Nile’s 4C’s Loose Diamond Filter Tool To Shop In 360°20xHD Views 

1 carat diamond ring - best custom engagement rings

Tip 3: Get The Best Price On A High Quality 1 Carat Diamond Ring

Now that you know about the 4 C’s and are able to evaluate diamonds from a shopper’s stand point. You need to find out where to buy the best 1 carat diamond ring at the best price possible. 

1 carat diamond ring shopping

The fact is, you can create the very best custom engagement rings at walk-in jewelry stores and online jewelry stores. But if you buy from a traditional walk-in jewelry store you may end up spending 30%-70% more for the same 4 C’s graded diamond!!! 

**Moreover, Brick And Mortar Stores Have A Lot More Overhead Costs Than Online Jewelers.**

Consequently, traditional jewelry stores have to charge you more in order to stay in business. As a result, shopping online for a 1 carat diamond ring is your best bet.

**Take a look at the diamond supply chain diagram below. This visual aid clearly displays a diamond supply chain comparison map between online jewelers vs traditional jewelers.** 

Diamond Supply Chain Chart

1 carat diamond ring shopping - best custom engagement rings
Diamond Supply Chain
As You Can See, You Can Save 30%-70% Online On Any 1 Carat Diamond Ring Compared To Walk-In Jewelry Stores!!!

Learn about the cost of a 1 carat diamond vs the price of a 1 carat diamond.

Who Is The Best Online Jeweler?: James Allen Vs Blue Nile

So who is the winner in this James Allen vs Blue Nile showdown?

Fast Answer: Simply put, it’s Blue Nile for best reputation and  really good shopping experience

Extended Answer: James Allen and Blue Nile are close in comparison. Both companies are a good choice for buying custom engagement rings and it really comes down the individual pieces of jewelry you find and like. 

Be rest assured if you buy from Blue Nile your making a smart decision.

Blue Nile HasThe Best Shopping Experiences Because They Allow You To Browse Their ENTIRE Diamond Supply In Live 360°20xHD Views. 

James Allen Vs Blue Nile : The Two Best Online Jewelers

Let’s take a look at the 2 best online jewelry stores. You have James Allen vs Blue Nile.  After doing months of research, it is obvious that these 2 online jewelry stores are the best. This is because they both have massive inventories, the best shopping experience, and are the most trusted. 

James Allen and Blue Nile both let you build the very best custom engagement rings from scratch. It’s pretty amazing. It’s really easy to do too.

In addition to easy online ring building. James Allen and Blue Nile both have excellent customer service and 100% risk free buying policies.

**Traditional brick and mortar stores on average only offer 10X views on select inventory items. If you shop online you can get 20xHD views.**

 **James Allen & Blue Nile Have Great Selections And Offer 360°20xHD Views On Their Rings And Loose Diamond Inventory**

Tip 4: 1 Carat Diamond Ring Buying Tricks That Save $1,000’S

Not all 1 carat diamond rings are created equally. For example, a 1 carat diamond ring with multiple diamonds will 99% of the time be cheaper than a 1 carat diamond ring that only has one diamond. This is because larger carat diamonds are more rare and expensive than small carat diamonds. (1 Carat = 0.5 grams)

If you want to save money on your custom engagement ring and still have it be an official 1 carat diamond ring this is what you do.

Example: Go find a .9 carat diamond for the main diamond. Then find a ring setting that has at least .10 diamond carats. If you add: 0.9+0.1=1.0 (1 full carat, 0.5 grams).

That is just one simple example. Some rings settings have .3 or .5 carats of small diamonds and you would need only a .7 or .5 carat diamond to make it be a 1 carat diamond ring.

This approach saves you money because you are letting some of the smaller/cheaper diamonds add carat weight to the ring. Still very classy, and very impressive.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality For A Discount

This advice is not some sneaky way to be fancy with a 1 carat diamond ring. So don’t feel that way. This approach to buying a 1 carat diamond ring is very common even among the most advanced rings buyers. In fact, most people find that having a moderate sized main diamond along with many other small diamonds is more classy and looks better anyway.

But, the choice is really up to you and your special someone. There are so many styles and approaches to creating a custom engagement ring. That is why online jewelry stores are so cool. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and shop like a pro. Your options are practically endless. So get on over to James Allen or Blue Nile to shop for the highest quality engagement rings and diamonds.

Don’t Go Cheap When You Shop For The Best Custom Engagement Rings

Click the image to see tension ring settings

Similar to your relationship, each 1 carat diamond ring is unique. They are both a miracle of time, pressure, cut and light refraction.

Consequently, your fiance deserves the very best custom engagement ring.

But, no amount of money in the world can truly represent your love. What this means is; “You need to get the bang for your buck!”

That is why it is in your best interest build your very own custom engagement rings online with James Allen or Blue Nile because you can save 30%-70% compared to traditional prices.

Furthermore, since you can get a high quality 1 carat diamond ring at a lower price. You should get something really nice. Because this ring choice lasts a lifetime. Do it right!

Tip 5Make A Secure Ring Purchase 100% Risk Free

Blue Nile goes above and beyond with their customer service policies. As a result, they take all the risk and anxiety out of the ring buying process in the following ways:

  • Firstly, Blue Nile thoroughly inform and guides you with 24/7 customer service (if needed). This is beneficial for you because it helps you base your decision on quality, professional advice.
  • Secondly, James Allen and Blue Nile offer 100% money back guarantee returns, no questions asked. You even get free shipping on the first 3 returns. Consequently, there is literally NO RISK.
  • Thirdly, James Allen offers free engravings on most of their ring settings.
  • Fourthly, James Allen and Blue Nile have a lifetime warranty on all of their products because they want you completely satisfied forever. Just like your marriage.
  • Fifthly, James Allen and Blue Nile offers lifetime diamond upgrades because as your marriage relationship grows and increases in value, your diamond should too. (James Allen gives you 100% credit toward a new diamond upgrade that is 2X in value.)
  • Sixthly, James Allen and Blue Nile only carry conflict-free diamonds. This ensures you that you will never be buying a “blood diamond”.
  • And finally, James Allen and Blue Nile have the finest quality diamonds because 3rd party diamond graders impose the toughest quality standards on their diamond supply.
    Click the image to see more pave ring settings

Every 1 Carat Diamond Ring From & Blue Nile Is 3rd Party Certified

All 1 carat diamond rings sold by James Allen and Blue Nile are professionally analyzed and graded. 

James Allen and Blue Nile uses three 3rd party laboratories to grade their diamonds. They are the GIA , AGL and IGI1 carat diamond ring -best custom engagement rings certified by GIA-AGSL-IGIThe GIA , AGL and IGI are the most respected 3rd party diamond laboratories in the world. This is because of their consistent, unbiased diamond grading policies.

As a result, you can trust that all custom engagement rings from Blue Nile are of the finest quality. In addition to vigorous diamond grading grading. All Diamonds from Blue Nile are conflict-free diamonds. What this means is; you can be rest assured that you will never buy a blood diamond from Blue Nile. Blood diamonds in short are diamonds acquired by sinister means.

Blue Nile comply with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and various United Nations Resolutions. They always obtain diamonds through legitimate means. As a result, peace of mind.

Learn More About 1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping By Browsing Our Site. As A Result, You Will Learn How To Save 30%-70% On The Highest Quality 1 Carat Diamond Ring.
Furthermore, You Wont Have To Sacrifice Quality For A Good Price When You Buy As Instructed In This Article.

Thank you so much for reading to the end. If you have anything you are unsure about, browse our site with the HTML Sitemap and learn everything there is to know about 1 carat diamond ring shopping.