How To Shop For The Best Custom Engagement Rings

1 Carat Diamond Ring Pricing With The 4 C’s Buyer’s Guide

The 4 c’s is an industry standard created by GIA that all good jewelers must use to grade and price their diamonds. They are:

A lot of people think that carat size (weight) of the diamond is the only diamond price factor. Although carat does have a heavy influence on price, it is not the only determining factor.1 carat diamond ring comparisonTake a look at the image above. You have two 1.01 carat diamonds (0.505 grams). But look at the price variance. They almost have a $16,000 difference. This is because of the other C gradings. Cut and color have a strong influence on a diamond’s value as well. As you can see the more expensive diamond has an excellent (ideal) cut grade and a higher clarity grading.

1 carat diamond ring

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Create The Best Custom Engagement Rings With This Awesome 4 C’s Loose Diamond Filter

As you can see, it is very important to shop for the best custom engagement rings with the 4 C’s in mind. Luckily there is an awesome tool you can use that makes 1 carat diamond ring shopping fun and easy. You are able to browse a large selection of loose diamonds in 20X to 40X close-up  360° HD views. (See image below to see a screenshot of the filter interface.)

1 carat diamond ring shopping based on the 4 C's

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Where to Shop For A 1 Carat Diamond Ring

Now that you know how to shop based on the 4 C’s buyer’s guide, you need to know where you can create the very best 1 carat diamond ring at the best price possible. 1 carat diamond ring

You can create the very best custom engagement rings at walk-in jewelry stores and online stores. But, did you know if you buy from a traditional walk-in jewelry store you may end up spending 30%-70% more for the same 4 C’s graded diamond? That is right! And as a result, shopping online for a 1 carat diamond ring is your best bet. Brick and mortar stores have a lot more overhead costs than online jewelers. Consequently, traditional jewelry stores have to charge you more in order to stay in business.

best custom engagement rings - traditional stores vs online stores

Diamond Supply Chain Comparison

Take a look at the diagram above. This is a visual of the diamond supply chain comparison between online jewelers and traditional jewelers. As you can see it is no contest. You can save 30%-70% online compared to walk-in jewelry stores. Continue reading to find out why the two best online jewelers are: James Allen vs Blue Nile.

Build The Best Custom Engagement Rings Online: James Allen vs Blue Nile

So now that you have good reasons to create the best custom engagement rings online instead of a brick and mortar store. Let’s take a look at the 2 best options online. You have James Allen vs Blue Nile. After doing a lot of research, it is clear that these 2 online jewelry stores are the best. This is because they both have the largest inventories and the best shopping experience. But only one of them has the 360°, HD, 20X-40X magnification tool on their entire diamond supply. 

Best Custom Engagement Rinf - Channel Ring Setting Round Cut 1 Carat Diamond Ring

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James Allen and Blue Nile both let you build the very best custom engagement rings from scratch. It’s pretty amazing. It’s really easy to do too. You go step-by-step. You choose the ring setting. Then the precious metal. And finally, you choose your very own diamond based on the 4C’s. In addition to easy online ring building. James Allen and Blue Nile offer genuine close-up 360-degree views of their diamond supply. That is why when you are looking to buy a 1 carat diamond ring online, it is James Allen vs Blue Nile. 

1 carat diamond ring

Princess shape diamond 360° view

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald shape diamond 360° view

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher shape diamond 360° view

Round Cut Diamond

Round shape diamond 360° view

1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping:

James Allen vs Blue Nile

So who is the winner in the James Allen vs Blue Nile showdown? Simply put, it’s James Allen. This is because they allow you to view ALL of their diamonds in 360°, HD, 20X-40X magnification. That is 2 to 4 times closer compared to the average 10X view you get at a traditional brick and mortar jewelry store. Blue Nile only offers this magnification feature on a select portion of their diamond inventory. Furthermore, James Allen is on average $500 less per purchase than Blue Nile.

create custom engagement rings

20X vs 10X Magnification

The 360°, HD, 20X-40X magnification feature is crucial to online shopping because you must be smart and closely inspect all precious items like a professional before you buy online. Furthermore, this revolutionary online feature makes it possible to create the best custom engagement rings like never seen before in previous generations.


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Blue Nile does not have that option on their entire diamond supply. Don’t get it wrong though, Blue Nile is still an amazing online jeweler. But, James Allen is the online Jeweler we found that gives you the best shopping experience. Learn more about the James Allen vs Blue Nile boxing match.

Try James Allen’s 360°, 20X, HD Diamond View.

It’s Risk-Free To Buy A 1 Carat Diamond Ring With James Allen

best custom engagement rings - Vintage Ring Setting With Round Cut Diamonds

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  • Firstly, James Allen thoroughly informs and guides you through 24/7 customer service. This is beneficial for you because it helps you base your decision on quality, professional advice.
  • Secondly, James Allen offers 100% money back guarantee returns, no questions asked. You even get free shipping on the first 3 returns. Consequently, there is literally no risk.
  • Thirdly, James Allen offers free engravings on most of their ring settings.
  • Fourthly, James Allen has a lifetime warranty on all of their products because they want you completely satisfied forever.1 carat diamond ring
  • Fifthly, James Allen offers lifetime diamond upgrades because as your relationship grows and increases in value, your diamond should too. (James Allen gives you 100% credit toward a new diamond upgrade that is 2X in value.)
  • Sixthly, James Allen only carries conflict-free diamonds. This ensures you that you will never be buying a “blood diamond”.
  • And finally, James Allen has the finest quality diamonds because 3rd party diamond graders impose the toughest quality standards on their diamond supply.

    1 carat diamond ring

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Every 1 Carat Diamond Ring From 

James Allen Is 3rd Party Certified1 carat diamond ring

Every 1 carat diamond ring sold by James Allen is professionally analyzed and graded. James Allen uses three 3rd party laboratories to grade their diamonds. They are the  GIA , AGL and IGIbest custom engagement rings certified by GIA-AGSL-IGI

The GIA , AGL and IGI are the most respected 3rd party diamond laboratories in the world. This is so because of their consistent, unbiased grading policies. As a result, you can trust that all custom engagement rings from James Allen are of the finest quality. In addition to obtaining grades by GIA , AGL and IGI. All Diamonds by James Allen are conflict-free diamonds.1 carat diamond ringConsequently, you have peace of mind that you’re not buying “blood diamonds”.James Allen complies with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and various United Nations Resolutions. James Allen always obtains diamonds through legitimate means.

custom engagement rings

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Don’t Go Cheap When You Shop For The Best Custom Engagement Rings

Similar to your relationship, each 1 carat diamond ring is unique. They are both a miracle of time, pressure, cut and light refraction. Consequently, your fiance deserves the very best custom engagement rings. And because no amount of money in the world can truly represent your love. You need to get the bang for your buck. That is why I suggest you create and buy the best custom engagement rings online. This is so because you can get the same graded 1 carat diamond ring at a better price. As a result, you don’t even have to sacrifice quality for a good price. 

1 carat diamond ring Solitaire-Heart

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Learn more about James Allen’s 1 Carat Diamond Ring Selection by browsing our site. As a result, you will save money on the best diamonds possible.