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Get A 1 Carat Diamond Price As Close To The Jeweler’s 1 Carat Diamond Cost As Possible

price of 1 carat diamond vs cost of 1 carat diamond

1 Carat Diamond Price Range

( $1,590$2,035,500 )

( $2,878 – $53,233 ) View Here 

( $2,150 – $2,035,500 ) View Here 


Do you notice how wide the 1 carat diamond price range is? This article will show you how to navigate the price of a 1 carat diamond. There are a lot of markups in the diamond industry. Some markups are legitimate but some are unnecessary marketing ploys. In order to avoid some pitfalls, I did some research on this matter to help save you time and money.

If you shop at the wrong place your 1 carat diamond price could be much higher for the same exact quality diamond. This article will show you where you can get prices closer to the 1 carat diamond cost. Furthermore, you will find some tips and tricks on how you can save $1,000’s.

First, let’s eliminate some places you should not buy a 1 carat diamond from. Then from there I will go into detail on how you can select diamonds in a cost effective manner.

I promise, this article will make shopping for 1 carat diamond prices fun and interesting. It is literally like a treasure hunt.

Cost Of A 1 Carat Diamond vs The Price Of A 1 Carat Diamond 

Save 30%-70% On 1 Carat Diamond Prices

The price of a 1 carat diamond and the cost of a 1 carat diamond are two different things. The price is what the customers (you) pay. The cost is what the online stores / traditional jewelers pay the diamond supplier.

Shopping online for a 1 carat diamond  is the best option because it costs less than a traditional jewelers. As a result, you pay a lower price online. In fact, you can save 30%-70% on diamonds and rings compared to traditional, walk-in brick and mortar stores.

price of a 1 carat diamond vs cost of a 1 carat diamond

Where To Get 1 Carat Diamond Prices Closer To The Cost Of A 1 Carat Diamond

Shop At Top 3 World Class Jewelers Using Advanced Diamond Shopping Tools:

  • Blue Nile Tool – ( $2,878 – $53,233 )
  • Leibish Tool – ( $2,150 – $2,035,500 ) (go to the top right and click “Open Filters”.)

 IMPORTANT: Click the Tool links and Continue reading to learn how browse for 1 carat diamond prices properly…

After months of research I found that these three world class online jewelers have the a hybrid of the best shopping diamond & ring tools, the best prices and the highest quality 3rd party certified GIA diamonds. There are a lot of online jewelers out there that try to mimic these jewelers but these three truly stand out.

Each these world class jewelers have very largest diamond inventories that are so fun and easy to shop through. This is only possible because they have these awesome shopping tools that give you a huge advantage by giving you 360°20xHD Views.


How To Shop For 1 Carat Diamond Prices Closer To Cost

Now that you have one of the three links above opened in new tab in your browser. Let’s talk about the different controls on the diamond shopping tool platforms so you can properly browse 1 carat diamond prices closer to the 1 carat diamond cost

Do you notice how each control is labeled after each of the 4 C’s | Shape | & Price? Let’s use those controls in the 5 simple steps below.

5 Simple Steps To Smart 1 Carat Diamond Price Hunting:

  1. Go to the carat range control and input the min value to 1.00ct. and the max value to 1.99ct.
  2. Once the diamond filter loads scroll down to view the 1 carat diamond prices. You can sort the view order of the diamonds based on 4 C’s, shape and price (high to low)
  3. Understand the 4 C’s grading system. The 4 C’s determine the cost of a 1 carat diamond. As a result, it determines the price of a 1 carat diamond as well. The 4 C’s consist of CutColorClarity, & Carat. Make sure you pay attention to diamond Shape too. 
  4. Once you find a 1 carat diamond you like. It’s time to get a close up, introspective view in 360°20xHD simply by clicking your diamond of your choice.
  5. Then you choose your ring setting, place your order and you are all good to go!

Blue Nile and  Leibish have the same great diamond shopping tools that let you meticulously browse large inventories of GIA certified diamonds. Between the three of these will find only high quality 1 carat diamonds.

Feel free to open all three links to compare all of the 1 carat diamond prices against one another.

Compare The Price Of A 1 Carat Diamond:

James Allen vs. Blue Nile vs. Leibish

James Allen is popular but spends a lot on marketing. Learn more about James Allen vs Blue Nile.

Blue Nile Is our second choice to get the best price on a 1 carat diamond. They are very similar to James Allen

#2 ( $2,878 – $53,2331ct. – 1.99 cts.

Leibish is our 3rd choice for 1 carat diamond shopping. This is only because they specializes in selling different color diamonds & investment diamonds. 

#3 ( $2,150 – $2,035,5001ct. – 1.99 cts.


How To Choose The Correct Diamond:

Get A 1 Carat Diamond Price Close To The 1 Carat Diamond Cost 

If you want to spend less, get a smaller diamond. If you want it still to be impressive though, you must consider shopping for the best cut diamonds. This is because the best cut diamonds shine with fire (dispersion) and produces a sparkle that everyone covets in a diamond. As a result, you can get a smaller diamond that still is very impressive. (Cut is one of the 4 C’s.

Do not try to get the VERY VERY best cut diamonds because there is a mark up that makes the 1 carat diamond price FURTHER away from the 1 carat diamond cost. In fact,do not get the very very best of any of the 4’c. There is a markup for each because they get more rare. What you want to do is get find a rally good cut diamond by looking for these qualities. You can use your eye to see how well a diamond cut is even if the GIA cut grade does is not officially top shelf.

Once you train your eye to find good cut diamonds you can set the diamond tool filters lower on some of the other C’s to save money. Cut really makes a big difference in appearance and can make up for other lower C’s gradings.

The VERY VERY best cut diamonds have an intrinsic and aesthetic value that carries very well world wide. Furthermore, because the great shine and sparkle a well cut diamond creates, it makes the diamond very prominent. Thus, there is a markup and collectible value. Leibish actually specializes in investment diamonds.


Purchase A 1 Carat Diamond Ring Like This,

You Will Get More Bang For Your Buck

Find a .9 carat loose diamond. once you find a 1 carat diamond you prefer it is time to find a ring setting that has small side stones in it weighing in at least @ .1 carats. If you add: 0.9+0.1=1.0  (1 full carat, 0.5 grams).

That is only one example. Certain rings settings have anywhere between .3 or .5 carats of small diamonds pre selected for you you. In that case you would need a .7 or .5 carat diamond to make it be a 1 carat diamond ring. If you add: 0.7+0.3=1.0 or 0.5+0.5=1.0.

This shopping method can save you a lot of money because the smaller/cheaper diamonds still add diamond carat weight to the ring. Even though you are saving a lot of money by spreading the diamond carats throughout the different diamonds, rest assured you are still purchasing a very classy, and very impressive 1 carat diamond ring.

You can apply this method of shopping for any carat size you are aiming to purchase.

Find A 1 Carat Diamond Price Close To The 1 Carat Diamond Cost

But Don’t Sacrifice Quality For A Discount

The advice above to buying a 1 carat diamond ring is very common even among the most advanced rings buyers. In fact, a lot of people find that having a smaller size diamond in addition to many other small diamonds is more classy and looks better anyway.

A the end of the day the decision is up to you and that special someone. There are money approaches to creating a custom engagement ring. That is why online jewelry stores are so advantageous. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and shop like a professional. The options you have available are practically endless. So go ahead and start shopping by clicking any of the links above. As a result, you will find the highest quality engagement rings. Furthermore, finding the price of a 1 carat diamond closer to the cost of a 1 carat diamond online vs transnational jewelry stores.


More 1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips To Save More Money

“Get A 1 Carat Diamond Price Close To 1 Carat Diamond Cost”

When shopping for diamonds there are a couple tips and tricks that can save you potentially $1,000’s of dollars. The most cost effective trick is to decide which of the 4C’s are not as important to you and get lower grades of that particular “C”. Or you can find a nice balance between the C’s and sacrifice grading between the 4 C’s.

A 1 carat diamond ring with more than 1 diamond is cheaper than a 1 carat diamond ring that has 1 diamond. Large carat diamonds are more rare and expensive than multiple small carat diamonds. 

Why is the 1 carat diamond price range so vast?

How do I know I am getting one close to the 1 carat diamond cost?

The resources above are the best practices to get a 1 carat diamond price that is close to the cost of a 1 carat diamond. But as you can see the price range is very large! $1,590 – $2,035,500 ) 

Why is that?!

The answer is simple. Each diamond is very unique and has intrinsic value. Moreover, some diamonds are almost perfect according each of the 4 C’s. As a result, they some 1 carat diamonds are exceptionally rare and the price has a an exponential increase.

Some think the price spike is a “rip off”. But the reality is, some diamonds double in value within 1 decade

Consequently, it is up to you to figure out your budget for the diamond and ring setting you want. Since the 1 carat diamond cost range is very wide, it takes following careful instruction to shop intelligently.

Only Get High Quality Diamond At The Right Online Jewelry Stores:

1 Carat Diamond Price And 1 Carat Diamond Cost Links Below

We have done a lot of research on this matter and these are the top three places to shop for a high quality 1 carat diamond ring online. If you click one of the three following links below you will get a great perspective on the price of a 1 carat diamond.

Both of these online jewelers have a world class reputation and only sell GIA & AGSL 3rd party certified diamonds. Their advanced diamond inventory tools also organize the diamonds by their 4 C’s grading.  As a result, you get an excellent shopping experience.

Furthermore, each one let’s you get a price of a 1 carat diamond closer the cost of a 1 carat diamond compared to traditional walk-in jewelry stores. Furthermore, you get  to use diamond search and 360°20xHD viewing tools. Traditional walk-in jewelry stored on average only offer 10X views.

The GIA 4 C’s diamond grading system is the main benchmark that sets the 1 carat diamond cost from the supplier to the Jeweler, then the price to the consumer (you).

But because online jewelers have less overhead costs the 1 carat diamond price will be much closer to the cost of a 1 carat diamond of your choice.

James Allen and Blue Nile also sell natural colored diamonds.

‘Because You Save 30%-70% At Online Jewelry Stores  The Cost Of A 1 Carat Diamond Is More Closely Reflected  By The Following 1 Carat Diamond Prices Online”

This Page Directs You To Diamonds That

Are GIA & AGSL & IGI Certified

All 1 carat diamond rings sold by James Allen, Blue Nile, & Leibish e are 3rd party analyzed and graded.  They use the top 3 world class 3rd party laboratories to grade their diamonds. They are the GIA , AGL and IGI.1 carat diamond price - 1 carat diamond cost by GIA-AGSL-IGIAs a result, you can trust that all custom engagement rings from Blue Nile, & Leibish high quality. In addition to strict diamond grading grading,  all diamonds from  Blue Nile, & Leibish are conflict-free diamonds. As a result, you can be rest assured that you will never be buying a blood diamond from Blue Nile, & Leibish. So be rest assured that when you looking for a price of a 1 carat diamond close the cost of a 1 carat diamond, that these three jewelers always deliver quality.

Blood diamonds are diamonds acquired by sinister means. In Africa there are some diamond mines that have heavy political ties to their diamond economy and they treat their miners terribly. They also carry out unethical business and political schemes because the diamonds are worth so much money.

Blue Nile, & Leibish comply with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and various United Nations Resolutions. Consequently, they always obtain diamonds through legitimate means. As a result, peace of mind.

Take Advantage Of The Best Customer Service Policies

When Shopping For A

1 Carat Diamond Price Close To The 1 Carat Diamond Cost 

Blue Nile, & Leibish go above and beyond with their customer service policies. As a result, they take all the risk and anxiety out of the ring buying process in the following ways:

  • Blue Nile, & Leibish  thoroughly inform and guides you with 24/7 customer service.
  • All three jewelers offer 100% money back guarantee returns.
  • James Allen offers free engravings on most of their ring settings.
  • Each jeweler has a lifetime warranty on all of their products because they care about you being completely satisfied.
  • James Allen offers lifetime diamond upgrades 
  • James Allen, Blue Nile, & Leibish have the finest quality diamonds because 3rd party diamond graders impose high standards on their diamonds.

Price Of A 1 Carat Diamond vs Cost Of A 1 Carat Diamond


The 1 carat diamond price range ( $1,590$2,035,500 ) is the closest your going to get to the cost of a 1 carat diamond. You must buy online to get near”1 carat diamond cost” prices because of the overhead costs traditional jewelers have.

 Blue Nile and Leibish are the top 3 world class online jewelers. James Allen is Our Favorite with Blue Nile in close second. Leibish is still great because they specialize in different color diamonds.

Feel free to shop anywhere you like and do more research on your own to find the price of a 1 carat diamond  close to the cost of a 1 carat diamond. But the reality is we already did all the research for you. Although we are affiliates for these companies and get commissions, we had the freedom to promote any of the other online jewelers. But we decided to promote these three brands because they are the best and the easiest to promote. It is very difficult to promote & invest time and energy into something you do not believe in. As result, we decided on these three companies because they are the best and we believe in them.

Published on: 6/26/2018 – Updated on: 5/21/2019

1 Carat Diamond Ring
1 Carat Diamond Price Closer To 1 Carat Diamond Cost | GIA Certified
1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping In 360°20xHD & 5 Vital Tips To Smart Buying
1 Carat Diamond Price Closer To 1 Carat Diamond Cost | GIA Certified
Shop securely for the best 1 carat diamond ring online. Walk-in jewelry stores have epic overhead costs, consequently you save 30%-70% online. Use the right tools: 360°View in 20x-40xHD. And The Diamond Search Filter Tool. | 922 Ring Settings: ($240 - $8,310) | 81,381 loose .90ct.-1.99ct. diamonds: ($1,120 - $72,690)|.
Learn to shop @ The Top 3 World Class Jewlers to get a 1 carat diamond PRICE closer to the jewler's 1 carat diamond COST. ($1,590-$2,035,500)
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1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips
1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips

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