The 4 C’s Buyers Guide: How To Shop For Loose Diamonds

When shopping for a 1 carat diamond ring you need to know about the 4 C’s buyer’s guide. The 4 C’s consist of: cut, color, carat clarity and shape.

  1. Cut is a very important “C” because it directly influences a diamond’s sparkle. Perfect symmetry and precise cuts give diamonds the highest values.

    Good-Cut-vs-True-Heart-Cut for a 1 carat diamond ring


  2. Color is also a very important buying factor. Color rating refers to a diamond’s lack of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue. Consequently, low hue equals high value. Moreover, the more clear the diamond is, the more value it has.  (***4 C’s color grading does not refer to fancy color diamonds. ie. blue, pink, yellow, black, etc…***)


    Solitaire Ring Setting -Princess Shape Diamond

  3. Carat refers to the diamond’s total weight, not size. For example, two diamonds of equal carat weight differ in price because of the three other C’s.  A 1 carat diamond is equal to 0.2 grams. A 5 carat diamond is equal to 1.0 grams.

    1 carat diamond ring

    Carat Refers To The Diamond Weight

  4. Clarity evaluation is based on internal and external blemishes. The blemishes are microscopic. As a result, clarity is not as influential as say cut or carat.

    1 carat diamond ring with the fewest blemishes has the highest clarity

    Clarity Refers to Internal and External Blemishes

  5.  Shape is not one of the 4C’s, but it a very crucial aspect of diamond shopping. There are 10 main shapes available at James Allen. There are round shape, princess shape, cushion shape, emerald shape, pear shape, oval shape, radiant shape, Asscher shape, heart shape and marquis shape cut diamonds. But, the extraordinary sparkle of ideal cut diamonds by James Allen is available in round and princess shape cuts. 

    Diamond Shapes for a 1 carat diamond ring

    Diamond Shapes

The Best Custom Engagement Ring Characteristics

Superior Cut 

Cutting a diamond is a crucial step in creating a diamond with extraordinary sparkle. James Allen sacrifices the majority of the rough because it yields the best cut results. Every diamond from James Allen ranks excellent by the GIA. The GIA assesses the angles, symmetry, and proportions. Only a small percentage of diamonds qualify as a James Allen diamond. They have “good cuts” as the lowest standard and have “true heart cuts” as the highest standard.1 carat diamond ring

Great Proportions – 

The proportions of a diamond affect the how it reacts to light. Diamonds cut out of proportion restricts the light it reflects. James Allen has ideal cut proportions. As a result, their diamonds have maximum sparkle, fire, and beauty.

1 carat diamond ring

Pave Ring Setting With Pear Shape Diamond


Wonderful Symmetry – 

The anatomy of a diamond describes the different parts the cuts (see diagram). Furthermore, precise symmetry ensures each anatomical part of the diamond aligns perfectly. James Allen takes time on symmetry. Consequently, their diamonds reflect the maximum amount of light for their price. custom engagement rings1 carat diamond ring