Best Cut Diamonds With Perfect Symmetry: True Heart & Astor Diamonds

The best cut diamonds are Astor Ideal Diamonds. The cut symmetry is so perfect on these diamonds they create a “heart” pattern.

Best Cut Diamond

When you see a pattern of 8 hearts with tiny “V” shapes it means your diamond is a  or Astor Diamond. Even at just a single glance from it’s pavilion side displays optical symmetry.

When you cut diamonds to this perfection you get the best sparkle, fire and shine everyone is looking for. If you want to get an impressive diamond make sure it is a True Heart Diamond.

The Best Cut Diamonds Are Astor Diamonds

best cut diamond


The best cut diamonds have ideal:

  • Proportions
  • Angles
  • Polish
  • Symmetry

Diamonds with these 4 ideal qualities are in the “Ideal Cut” diamond category. An ideal cut diamond reflects all of the light that enters it. As a result you get a diamond with dazzling sparkle and loud fire.Best-Diamond-Cut-Ideal-Cut-True-Hearts

All Astor diamonds have an “ideal cut grading”. But, True Heart Diamonds have especially perfect symmetry that creates extra-ordinary light effects. As a result, you get a diamond no one can ignore.

Furthermore, you can even get more light effects from a small 1 carat diamond ring with an Astor Ideal Diamond than a 2 carat diamond ring with a “good cut grading”. Although the size is obviously different, a true heart cut diamond will not go un-noticed because of it’s brilliance.

Astor Ideal Diamond Price Range

1 Carat Diamond Ring

.30 carats – .99 carats:  $397 to $12,028 per loose diamond.

1.00 carats – 1.99 carats: $3,780 to $45,861 per loose diamond.

2 Carat Diamond Ring

2.00 carats – 2.62 carats: $14,023 to $97,292 per loose diamond.

Shopping For The Best Cut Diamonds

Go ahead and browse through loose diamonds here. As a result, you will find a diamond that fits anyone’s price range and taste. 


Use this loose diamond filter to shop through Live 360 HD Loose Diamonds in 20X Magnification @ Blue Nile. 

best cut diamond

Make sure to set diamond filter to the True Heart Diamonds setting because they are the best cut diamonds.

1 Carat Diamond Ring
Best Cut Diamonds With Perfect Symmetry: True Heart Diamonds
1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping In 360°20xHD & 5 Vital Tips To Smart Buying
Best Cut Diamonds With Perfect Symmetry: True Heart Diamonds
Shop securely for the best 1 carat diamond ring online. Walk-in jewelry stores have epic overhead costs, consequently you save 30%-70% online. Use the right tools: 360°View in 20x-40xHD. And The Diamond Search Filter Tool. | 922 Ring Settings: ($240 - $8,310) | 81,381 loose .90ct.-1.99ct. diamonds: ($1,120 - $72,690)|.
Out of the 4 C's, diamond cut is the is the characteristic that produces that wow factor. The best cut diamonds reflect the most light and produce tons of fire. True Heart Cut Diamonds have perfect symmetry which results in a bright sparkle and mind blowing light separating qualities.
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1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips
1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips

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