Where To Buy The Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings

black diamond engagement rings Black Diamond Engagement Rings Are Out of This World

Are you looking for something that is unique and classy? Wait, let me ask you differently. Are you looking for a custom engagement ring from out of this world?! Then you need to look at black diamond engagement rings.

Seriously, natural black diamonds come from an extraterrestrial source. Not aliens! But rather from an asteroid in space. Stephen Haggerty from Florida University in Miami suggests black diamonds come from an asteroid that hit Earth many years ago.black diamond engagement rings

Black Diamonds From Outer Space

When you expose polished a black diamond to intense infrared light, you find hydrogen-carbon bonds. These bonds only form in hydrogen rich environments (outer space). In addition, black diamonds have many tiny bubbles that normal diamonds don’t have. Conventional diamonds form deep beneath the Earth’s crust under intense pressure. Consequently, it is impossible for air bubbles to form in a regular diamond.

Man made diamonds formed in laboratories without intense pressure in a process called “carbon vapor deposition”. That process can most certainly happen in outer space.

Need more proof? Black diamonds have a mineral called osborneite. You can only find oborneite in asteroids and comet dust from outer space. A true natural black diamond are called “carbonados”. There are many non natural black diamonds, so make sure you get a true carbonado black diamond. black diamond engagement rings

True Black Diamond Engagement Rings Are Very Rare

Black diamond engagement rings are special because they are very rare. Black diamonds are only found in Brazil and Central Africa. A long time ago these two bodies of land were connected. Science suggests that an asteroid about 1/2 mile wide hit the Earth where they use to be joined. As a result, these are the only two regions you can find a black diamond in the world. Additionally, out of the 600 tons of diamonds mined in the past century, you don’t find one black diamond mixed in with them.black diamond engagement rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The reason we recommend looking into black diamond engagement rings is because of their uniqueness. In addition, we believe their beauty is just as dazzling as the traditional engagement rings. Black diamond engagement rings have a special eye catching effect because of it’s non traditional style.

We guarantee you that if you consider looking into black diamonds and take the risk at trying something new. Everyone will be asking about the ring, wondering where you got it.1 carat diamond rings

Black Diamond Rings are Ahead of the Curve

Although the popularity of black diamond engagement rings are ever increasing. Your still ahead of the curve on this new trend if you chose buy now. If you really want to surprise your fiance with a black diamond engagement ring, have no fear. At James Allen, you can return any ring no questions asked. You don’t even have to pay for shipping on the return. Read more details about James Allen return policies.

3 Types of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

There are three types of black diamonds. There are natural black diamonds (carbonado), treated black diamonds, and man made black diamonds. Natural black diamonds are the best and most special because of their extraterrestrial origin. In contrast, man-made black diamonds are the worst because of their artificial origin.

Natural Black Diamonds  

black diamond engagement rings

Natural black diamonds, or “carbonados” resemble a non-pure form of a poly-crystalline diamond.

This diamond composite consists of osborneite, amorphous carbon and graphite. The black color effect comes from the mass amount of inclusions. These inclusions have graphite embedded into them. Even to the point of appearing black.

There are other extraterrestrial mysteries behind these diamonds that are explainable. That is why we believe they are so special.

Treated Black Diamonds 

black diamond engagement rings

Treated black diamonds come from low-value colorless diamonds. These low value colorless diamonds have tons of inclusions. When they expose them to intense radiation heat, they turn black. They turn into a beautiful black diamond.

This is the cheaper than the natural carbonado black diamond. But still much better than man made black diamonds.

Man Made Black Diamonds 

1 carat diamond ring

Man made black diamonds are not diamonds at all. They are completely synthetic. It is basically like buying a cubic zirconia. Be sure to keep a look out for this type of black diamond because they are basically worthless.

But, they sell them for way more than their worth. That is why you should always go to a quality online jeweler like James Allen when looking for black diamond engagement rings. 

Black Diamond Grading1 carat diamond ring

When it comes to grading a black diamond, it is different than grading traditional diamonds. This is so because black diamonds absorb light instead of reflecting and refracting light. Because of the bubbly nature of black diamond engagement rings, there are more surface inclusions than traditional diamonds.

These blemishes are almost impossible to completely polish out. When shopping for a black diamond, it a good sign if it has these surface imperfections. This is so because true carbonado diamonds are formed in a hydrogen rich environment (outer space). Mke sure you visit James Allen to see the true carbonado diamonds.1 carat diamond ring

Now that you know how to shop for a black diamond, go out there and get something that is sure to impress your loved one. I am sure your relationship is out of this world. As a result, your diamond you chose to buy should be out of this world as well. that is why you should get a true carbonado black diamond engagement ring. Be smart and wise by letting your decisions reflect your life like a beautiful metaphor.

***When you go to James Allen you will always get high-quality diamonds. Never man-made diamonds.***