10 Diamond Shapes Available In Live 360°20xHD Views

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Diamond shapes have a the larges impact on the appearance of custom engagement rings there are many different shapes and each diamond shape possesses unique qualities.

As a result, exploring and learning about the various shapes is worth your time.

Browse through the highest quality certified diamonds that satisfy all unique tastes and…

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1. Round Cut Diamonds

The Round Cut Diamond, AKA: The Brilliant Cut Diamond, is by far the most popular diamond shape. The cone-shaped cut maximizes light return through the top of the diamond. The relationship between the angle of the crown and the pavilion is complementary. As a result you get fire in a diamond everyone is looking for.

2. Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess cut diamonds can make 1 carat diamond rings shine loud because they are very clear. Their excellent shape makes them a special diamond, because the designs show the most brilliance from a square cut. When you purchase a Princess Cut diamond, make sure that the setting for your ring protects the four pointed corners.

3. Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Cushion Cut Diamond is an old fashioned cut that has an old school appeal. Because this cut is a combination of the 19th century Old Mine Cut, and the modern Oval-Cut Diamond. It’s design caters to capturing candlelight.

4.Emerald Cut Diamonds

The Emerald-Cut Diamond is  known for its beauty and precision. Although it lacks the brilliance of triangular cuts,  it more than makes up for it in its extreme clarity. It’s like looking into pure, bubble free ice cubes. It is called an Emerald-Cut diamond because this type of cut that was originally used for emeralds.

5. Oval Cut Diamonds

The Oval Cut Diamond is a similar to the Round Brilliant Cut because of the nature of the cut. It is a great choice for buyers who like the Round “Ideal” Cut, but want a more unique shape. In addition, Oval Cut diamonds create the optical illusion of length and  tastefully elongate fingers.

6. Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Radiant Cut Diamond combines the square shape with the brilliance of the traditional Round Cut. Radiant Cut Diamonds combine the Round Cut style and the Emerald Cut style.  This creates a non-traditional brilliant diamond.

7. Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher Cut Diamond uses the step-cut process to crop the corners. Because they crop the corners, the 1 carat diamond appears octagonal. They are bright, shiny, and clear in appearance. Similar to Emerald-Cut Diamonds, they have the clarity of bubble free ice cubes. This consequently allows you to see through the stone. However, since inclusions are obvious to the naked eye with Asscher Cut Diamonds, it is important to get a flawless stone.

8.Marquise Cut Diamonds

The Marquise-Cut Diamond is a classic shape for 1 carat diamond rings. Color and clarity are the two most important qualities in the Marquise-Cut. The Marquise-Cut Diamond has a cutting process very similar to the Round Brilliant Diamond. But the diamond cutter maximizes the carat weight of the diamond by elongating it into a “canoe shape”.

As a result, they eliminate all inclusions while maintaining as much of the diamond as possible. However, because of the “canoe shape”, the color and clarity imperfections are more obvious. As a result James Allen recommends choosing a stone with minimal imperfections.

9.Heart Shape Diamonds

The Heart Shaped Diamond has great brilliance because of the cleft at the top. It is seen as the “romantic” diamond shape. Symmetry is very important because the two halves of the heart must be exactly the same. The proportion between the two side must be prominent and sharp. Opposed to other diamond shapes, heart diamonds appear smaller. 

10.Pear Shape Diamond

The Pear Cut Diamond combines the round cut with a pear shape to create a unique diamond. This is the least common diamond shape because its size and proportions are not conventional. As a result, this diamond shape is not the most popular.

But, Paris Hilton got a very large pear shaped diamond with a halo ring setting. It’s pretty “hot”. If you want to see a pic of it check out this tweet.

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10 Diamond Shapes You MUST SEE In 360°20xHD Views
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10 Diamond Shapes You MUST SEE In 360°20xHD Views
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1 Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Tips

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