James Allen vs Blue Nile – The 2 Best Online Jewelers

James Allen vs Blue Nile

When it comes to creating the best custom engagement rings online, it’s James Allen vs Blue Nile. These two online jewelry stores are the best places to buy a 1 carat diamond ring because they have a real 360° HD view of their diamonds. The 360° diamond view is a crucial online feature for creating the best custom engagement rings.

2 main reasons the 360° diamond view is so crucial to online jewelry shopping:

  • HD 360° diamond supply view forces the online jeweler to be 100% transparent.
  • Having high-quality real-life views of the diamonds makes the shopping experience valuable because you know exactly what you are buying.james allen vs blue nile

Do not buy 1 carat diamond ring online that does not have the option of thoroughly viewing the diamond up close from all angles. If you do not have this feature, it makes it really difficult to know if you are creating the best custom engagement rings or not.

Shop Online Save Up To 30% – 70% On The Best Custom Engagement Rings: James Allen vs Blue Nile

In addition to incredible diamond views, you can save a lot of money when you shop online. This is so because online jewelry stores have less overhead costs. Consequently, you get the same quality 1 carat diamond ring for 30% – 70% less money.

1 carat diamond ring

About Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a tried and true brand because they have been selling diamonds online since 1999. As a result, they are one of the first companies to enable people to create custom engagement rings online.

1 carat diamond ring

 Blue Nile has the largest diamond supply on the internet. This is clearly an advantage that does not need more explanation. In addition to having a large diamond supply, they also have the 360° view on a select portion of their diamonds.

Blue Nile is undeniably a good online shop to buy a 1 carat diamond ring. But I do not like that they don’t have real  360° HD views on their entire diamond supply. This is so because it when you are shopping online it is important to get a detailed view of what you are buying. 

About James Allen

James Allen is a great brand and has been selling diamonds online since 2006. The mission of James Allen is to provide their customers with the largest, quality selection of diamonds at the best price. As a result, James Allen is now the largest, private, online, best custom engagement rings retailer in the world. When it comes to James Allen vs Blue Nile in price. Jame Allen averages about $500 less than Blue Nile.1 carat diamond ring

In addition to better prices. James Allen has the best 360° online view technology. James Allen is the only online jeweler that lets you view their entire diamond supply in HD, 360°, 20X magnification. As a result, James Allen is by far better than any other brick and mortar shopping experience. Furthermore, James Allen has the best online shopping experience.

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They are even better than Blue Nile. This is so because Blue Nile only has the 360° view on a very select number of their diamonds.  That is why James Allen is the very best place to buy a 1 carat diamond ring. It all comes down to the shopping experience and price. So when it is James Allen vs Blue Nile. James Allen knocks out the competition.

Final Verdict : James Allen vs Blue Nile – James Allen Wins!James Allen vs Blue Nile

If You Are Still Unsure About Buying Custom Engagement Rings Online Keep Reading 1 carat diamond ring


There are many places to buy custom engagement rings.  There are countless walk-in jewelry stores to choose from. You got high end, quality jewelers like; Zales, Jared, Kay, Robins Brothers and many more. These stores are great. When you are shopping, you can physically feel and see what you are buying. You can see and compare the diamonds side by side. You are also able to get professional advice and guidance. The jeweler is even able to show you hand-picked diamonds under industry standard 10X magnification, it’s good.




But, as you may already know, some jewelers are reluctant to show you just any piece of their inventory. They usually show you only their choice items. They do this in fear that you will notice imperfections under their 10X microscope. You may even encounter a jewelry store employee who is having a bad day and has no interest in helping you make the right choice. Trust us, you do not want that!



In addition, its costs a lot of money to keep a physical store open because there are many overhead costs. For instance, they have; 24/7 electricity bills to keep the A/C and lights on. They have to spend a lot of money on insurance policies to protect their stores from disasters and theft.james allen vs blue nile

Many of them even need advanced security systems because the location of their inventory is literally advertised. There are much more overhead costs that are not mentioned here. As a result, brick and mortar stores need to charge you more money for the same quality custom engagement rings that you can buy at an online jewelry store.

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