Wedding Rings vs. Engagement Rings

1 carat diamond ring ring setting

Wedding Sets

1 Carat Diamond Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are not the same thing. The engagement ring is the main ring that the man “pops the question” with. The wedding ring is an additional band that is welded to engagement ring after the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring is usually impressive and makes the woman cry. In contrast, the wedding ring is an engagement ring modifier or “add-on” ring.

Wedding Rings

When you attach the wedding ring to the engagement ring you get a double band effect. This symbolizes the inseparable bond between you and your spouse. As a result, you get a symbolic emblem on the hand of your bride.

  • Classic Wedding Rings – This classic choice ranges in size and color. It is a plain band that is attached to the engagement ring as a symbol of inseparability.

    wedding rings

    Classic Wedding Band

  • Anniversary Wedding Rings – This classy choice closely places diamonds on the top 40% of the wedding band.  As a result, you have a full ring and robust ring set.

    1 carat diamond ring

    Anniversary Wedding Band

  • Eternity Wedding Rings – This wedding ring choice is thinner than the rest.  But it has diamonds closely encrusted around the entire circumference of the band.  As a result you get a very shiny yet modest band that is bound to please any lucky lady.

    1 carat diamond ring

    Eternity Wedding Band

  • Carved Wedding Rings – This wedding ring choice is great for someone who likes to have a unique twist on the classic wedding choice. This ring is wider and more intrinsic. As a result you get a double band ring that stands out in a tasteful way.

    1 carat diamond ring

    Carved Wedding Band

  • Diamond Wedding Rings – This wedding ring choice comes in all metal types. It has evenly spaced diamonds around the circumference of the band. As a result, you get a soul binding ring that tastefully sparkles in the light.

    1 carat diamond ring

    Diamond Wedding Band

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